Workspace 365 Business App

Redesigning and simplifying your application(s)

For years it was logical to develop Windows applications, but is this still what your customers want? With a growing number of tablets and smartphones people want to be connected on multiple devices. So it’s time to refresh! But how do you do this and how long can you wait? By giving the old application a new and responsive interface customers will be able to work on any device. The architecture and database will remain the same, if necessary. But if you want to we can also make your architecture cloud ready and scalable.

How we work

Features used to be more important than the design. But not anymore. We start with the design. Not a design made up by developers, no, we use real application designers. They are the master of the product. By starting out with the design we’ll be able to make selections together with you, for example, which features are superfluous on a tablet or smartphone. When we start with the design we’ll be able to quickly make choices on what your software will look like for the useres. And even better, you can already ask your customers feedback, without having developed a single line of code.

What is the first step?

We believe it’s good to know each other before doing business. So a good first step is to have a short phone call to discover what you need and to see if we can help you with it. Please leave your details and we’ll contact you as soon as possible, or you may call us at EU: +31 30 711 6725 or US: +1 408 7131 559