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Scrumteam as a Service

New concepts, a new architecture, just a few things which are constantly deferred within software. Why? Because the maintenance of the existing application(s) take up all the time from your team. But imagine having an extra team available to you. A scrum team that brings extra capacity and also the knowledge and experience to carry out new ideas. A team that will give their knowledge to your existing teams, that is what we offer with Scrum team as a Service.

How we work

Together we’ll select the team members you need. Designers, Architects, Senior Developers. All the knowledge put together to get quick progress. To reach their goals as good and fast as they can they use the Agile methodology. An iterative and incremental way to increase predictability and to minimize risks. In short sprints (iterations) they’ll deliver fully functional software. Cooperation, communication and team spirit are our key words to bring you intuitive software.

What is the first step?

We believe it’s good to know each other before doing business. So a good first step is to have a short phone call to discover what you need and to see if we can help you with it. Please leave your details and we’ll contact you as soon as possible, or you may call us at EU: +31 30 711 6725 or US: +1 408 7131 559


Innovate your product and your team. We’ll bring you the knowledge, experience and creativity which we already have.